Monday, May 4, 2009

Radioactive Goldfish – "L.S.D. Is the Bomb"

L.S.D. Is the BombI think one of my favourite things that happens while digging through the bins of a used record store is when I come across some weird-looking record I've never heard of that's just too cool to pass up. This is one such record.

I found this one upstairs at Louisiana Music Factory in downtown New Orleans a couple weeks ago. It was five bucks and I mean, come on, man, like you coulda put that one back? A cursory attempt at research turned up little information on the perpetrators, whose name, incidentally, appears nowhere on the packaging other than the record label itself. Their music appears to have made scant lasting impression. Easy come, easy go.

I found the record in the hiphop section, so I assumed it would be hiphop. Then again, I also found a Hall & Oates record in the same section, so I wasn't that surprised when it turned out to be an old-school rave track. Really, with that title, could it be anything else? The song is basically a bunch of repetitive synth bleeps over your basic house beat, pretty cool but nothing to write home (or blog...) about. Still, the vocal sample's a killer find. It's sounds like some anti-drug PSA, and is taken from a larger rant about the danger of drugs. The speaker seems to be insisting that LSD is the worst drug of all, as destructive as a nuclear bomb. According to the notes posted with the video on YouTube, the sample is from an old episode of Dragnet. Poor Joe Friday; little did he know that "da bomb" would someday become street slang for "good". Now he's stuck in an endless loop, unwittingly recommending psychedelic drug use for all eternity.

Still, hard to argue with the sentiment being conveyed, whether Friday intended it or not: LSD is the bomb.

Buy it... on vinyl.

From my deck to you: Radioactive Goldfish – "L.S.D. Is the Bomb"