Friday, June 1, 2007

Dr. Dooom - "No Chorus"

I saved the best for last. Following a legal dispute with Automator over ownership of the name Dr. Octagon, Keith rechristened himself Dr. Dooom [sic] and unleashed First Come, First Served. Dr. Octagonecologyst is widely considered Keith's masterpiece, but this one remains my personal favourite. The beats (by Keith and KutMasta Kurt, billing themselves as the Diesel Truckers) are shit-hot and Keith is in top form, mowing down phony-ass MCs left and right. Even the artwork is hysterical. The album contains so many unstoppable cuts that I couldn't settle on just one, so here's two.

"No Chorus" remains one of the fiercest dis tracks I've ever heard, even though its target is hypothetical (I think). In just over two minutes, Kieth shreds some unnamed rapper's lyrics, flow, production, fan base, posse and stage show, even going so far as to offer constructive criticism of the mix-down ("...the vocals are too low..."). "You Live At Home With Your Mom" has one of my favourite titles, and marks the beginning of what would eventually grow into a full-fledged obsession for Keith: accusing other rappers of eaggerating their financial success (q.v. the Matthew LP). It also contains the lyric "It don't need to be the Fourth of July for your rectum to see fireworks," a uniquely disturbing threat.

There's really not much more I can say. Bought it new when it came out, I think at Other Music of all places. I'll just let Keith take it from here.

Buy it... on vinyl.

From my deck to you: Dr. Dooom - "No Chorus" and "You Live At Home With Your Mom"

So I just got a couple (more) H.P. Zinker records in the mail this week and I think I need to post a few tracks. So far I've tried to keep some sort of continuity going, with one week leading into the next, but there's no way I can come up with a connection between Kool Keith and Zinker, so fuck it. Keith's something of an aesthetic cul-de-sac anyway, so why not just start over anywhere? Next week: H.P. Zinker week.

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