Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Guided By Voices - "Glow Boy Butlers"

Of course, the downside to being as prolific as Robert Pollard is that you get a hefty side of chaff with your wheat, exquisite though said wheat may be. Listening to these old 7"s again for this week's posts makes me realise just how many of them were duds overall.

Take 1993's Static Airplane Jive EP. Seven songs, three of them decent, four lousy, no real knockouts. The Other Music price tag says $8.99; thanks Bob. I can remember buying this; I think it was a reissue. At the time I was just buying everything with the GBV name on it.

This cut's a pretty good one. Strong (uncredited) work by the rhythm section, cool vocal melody. Check out that bass line!

More than anything else, posting these tracks is making me bummed that I've misplaced my copy of Fast Japanese Spin Cycle, my favourite of the 7" EPs from the glory days. Available, along with this one, on the Hardcore UFOs box.

Buy it... on vinyl.

From my deck to you: Guided By Voices - "Glow Boy Butlers"

NOTE: The vinyl link above is not to a static page; it runs a live search on GEMM. When I posted it just now it returned a result of "(None found.)" If that happens, try again in a week or so.

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