Wednesday, June 6, 2007

HP Zinker - "Mysterious Girl"

Zinker principals Hans Platzgumer and Frank Puempel formed the band in New York after relocating from Austria. So in spite of their attempts to absorb as many U.S. indie rock influences as possible, they still have an intangibly European edge. Maybe it's the way the musicians tend to sound over-trained and the songs over-arranged.

Listen to "Mysterious Girl", one of their best and best-known songs. Check out the rhythm section's carefully synchronised little tricks during the chorus. Even as they do their best to sound like that magical cross between Urge Overkill and Dinosaur Jr of which we've all dreamt for so long, they still sound a little bit like the Scorpions.

Still, this remains a personal favourite, a lost gem of 90s indie rock, methinks.

Found this one new in the bins at Kim's. It wasn't a recent release at the time, so I really have no idea why they were stocking it. Hardly a classic. But not bad.

Buy it... on vinyl.

From my deck to you: HP Zinker - "Mysterious Girl"

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