Saturday, June 30, 2007

Weekend video: Bongwater

New feature! If I stick with it, I'll try to post a new video every weekend.

Night Music was a late-night show on NBC in the late 80s that featured an incredible array of guests competing fitfully for the viewers' attention with host David Sanborn's mind-bending hair. If you've got Sonic Youth's first video comp, you've seen the clips of their appearance in which they perform "Silver Rocket" and "I Wanna Be Your Dog". Nowadays it seems like old hat to see Sonic Youth on a TV show, but at the time they were still indie and largely unknown, and their style of music seemed light years from its eventual mainstream acceptance.

But that's not even the most radical guest ever to appear. For your consideration: Bongwater. On network television. Covering Roky Erickson. With Screamin' Jay Hawkins (and he's a bad man so bug off). Being introduced by Bob Weir. Presumably you're starting to understand why this clip rules. I think this might be the most surreal in-studio performance I've ever seen on television. Why isn't this show on DVD yet?

I wasn't kidding about Sanborn's hair, was I? Airplane week starts Monday.

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