Saturday, July 14, 2007

Weekend video: QOTSA

So yeah, generally speaking supergroups are a bad idea. But Josh Homme can do pretty much anything as far as I'm concerned. It's no surprise that the Queens of the Stone Age line-up with Dave Grohl and Mark Lanegan didn't last, but it as pretty incredible while it did. No idea where this was shot (Werchter? anyone), nor who broadcast it (TMF? wtf?), but you can pinpoint the year pretty easily just because Grohl's up there.

"Song for the Dead" is one of my favourites off Songs for the Deaf, and definitely my favourite to hear live because the rhythm is so perfectly suited to it. The moment at the the beginning when they first slow down to half-speed from the intro gives me whiplash every time, and nobody swings the main part of the song like Grohl. He actually looks psyched (check out the grin he flashes after the intro kicks in), and you can feel it in his playing.

Lanegan's voice sounds pretty good here, but he looks shaky. He appears to be holding himself up with the mic stand. He's probably just waiting for the song to be over so he can go back to the green room and shoot up.

Best Queens line-up? Yeah, obviously, but it was never meant to be forever. I think it's fleeting nature adds to its greatness. Homme needs to rope some more giants into the band for an album. He's clearly capable of staying in control. The Queens have had more than a dozen members to this point, and they always sound like the Queens.

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jenks said...

how come Grohl is the only drummer who can wear drummer's gloves and still look cool?