Monday, February 11, 2008

Flying Saucer Attack – "Coming Home/Hope"

I picked this up without having any idea what it was. The guy at Beautiful World didn't know either. I asked him how much, he said "I dunno, five bucks?" Not really a super-bargain for a 7", but hey, it's FSA. And, as it turns out, the record does trade for a bit more than that.

Turns out the a-side is a cover of a track by some forgotten early 80s English DIY act called Prisoners, of whom I had never heard. Live and learn.

Which explains why the songs sounds so little like FSA, particularly at this point in their history. The single was released the same month as New Lands, the first FSA record without Rachel Cook on bass and a definite step (even further) away from conventional song structures. I mean, at least "In the Light of Time" had something resembling verses and choruses; New Lands is all drum'n'bass beats and experiments with static. Damn good record, too, mind you.

The b-side is a bit more like the FSA we all know and love. Not a great cut, but that's why it's a b-side.

Incidentally, I posted this just because I had it lying around and hadn't listened to it yet, but I actually have enough material to make this week's theme "limited edition singles by 90s acts from Bristol." Check back Wednesday. This one had a run of 1,000, by the way.

Buy it... on vinyl.

From my deck to you: Flying Saucer Attack – "Coming Home" and "Hope"

NOTE: FSA were hardly afraid of a good singles comp in their day, but I can't find these tracks anywhere but here. If they're on CD, I don't know about it.

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