Saturday, March 1, 2008

Weekend video – Ultra Vivid Scene

Here's the video for that Ultra Vivid Scene track I put up on Friday. It's an edited version for single length, so you lose that whole intro, but no big loss, the song's still there.

And yes, that's none other than young Richard Melville Hall on rhythm guitar, someday to be known to the world as Moby. Hard to recognise at first with all that hair, but when he smiles at the end you can tell it's definitely him.

I'm pretty sure he's not actually playing on the song, though. Kurt Ralske was basically a one-man band for the first album. Still, strange that his time with UVS, brief though it may have been, goes unmentioned in both his official bio and his Wikipedia entry. He may not have done much more than play a few shows with them, but I mean come on, his website lists all his childhood public schools. Surely this would be a more pertinent detail?

There are some pretty great videos of Ralske's recent video art installations here, by the way, but I don't know how to embed Quicktime files in html, so you'll have to click around and check them out yourself. Try the Times Square one, it's cool.

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