Thursday, May 27, 2010

Stuff I Listened To Last Week – 24 May 2010

Every time I listen to a record, I leave it next to the stereo. On Monday, before I go back to work, I re-file them all. Below are the contents of this week's pile.

Whoops, forgot to re-file and post on Monday, so I'm putting them all away today and starting over as usual.

All This and World War II Original Sound Track
There's a good reason you've never heard of this. The horribly-titled movie is a montage of WWII newsreel clips running over a strange variety of musical artists performing Beatles covers. Just as awful as it sounds. I've made it through one of the four sides so far.

Nice packaging, though, and honestly, for $4, this was just one of those weird finds I just couldn't pass up. I mean, I just had to know. Also I've seen it on eBay for way more, so in a way... no, that's not a valid excuse. Never mind.

Black Moth Super RainbowEating Us

David BowieYoung Americans, Low, Lodger, Scary Monsters, Let's Dance
Finally finished that Spitz bio. Decent read. Really enjoyed rediscovering the music. Low really is that good. If you've never heard it, believe the hype.

Guns N' RosesChinese Democracy
Most underrated album of the last twenty years. I'm quite sure I'm the only person I know who's listened to it more than once. Absolutely top-notch writing, arrangements and performances, with just enough embarrassingly shitty moments sprinkled throughout to turn off anyone looking for an easy out.

Mercury RevThe Secret Migration
I hate to keep harping on the same point but... Dave Fridmann, Producer of the Decade, 2000-2009.

Elvis PresleyElvis As Recorded At Madison Square Garden
'72 is about the last good year for Elvis recordings, and this one's pretty hot. His band is so good for that '69-'72 era, and Elvis was still in top form before the drugs and cholesterol really started to take their toll.

Psychedelic HorseshitMagic Flowers Droned

QueensrycheOperation: Mindcrime
My sister-in-law's favourite album of all time, so she sent a copy on vinyl to make sure my daughters would have it. I hadn't listened to it since P— had a copy (on cassette!) during the album's heyday, and it holds up better than I expected. I don't care much for Geoff Tate's vocal style, but that's just a matter of taste. The guitar tone only really sounds dated during the solos, whereas the rhythm stuff sounds really cool. Biggest surprise: the drumming is excellent, tight and inventive, but with a subtlety rarely on display in this genre and era.

Rolling StonesExile On Main St
Another decade, another Exile reissue (the last one was in 1994), another chance for Jagger to tell interviewers that he really doesn't see what the hype is all about while Richards tells the same folks about the magical voodoo of his dank-ass French basement (where at least half the album wasn't even recorded). Best of the many articles I've read about it for this round was in last Sunday's New York Times, in which the writer (can't remember who) makes a compelling case that the album isn't really that great. He's wrong, of course; the album is that great. His problem is that he focuses on the album's admittedly many flaws, whereas what rewards repeated listens is hearing how the band overcomes those flaws.

Russian CirclesGeneva

Squarepusher Presents Selection Sixteen

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