Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stuff I Listened To Last Week – 13 Feb 2011

Every time I listen to a record, I leave it next to the stereo. On Monday, before I go back to work, I re-file them all. Below are the contents of this week's pile.

Alien Sex FiendToo Much Acid?
"Totally live: no overdubs"

I have no idea if these guys are still around, but I can't imagine what else they might be doing. What else do you do if you're Nik Fiend other than make this music?

The CureKiss me Kiss Me Kiss Me
Robert Smith really is such an underrated guitarist. The solo in "The Kiss" stands alongside anything by the great British rock guitarists of the sixties (Clapton, Page, Green).

The Flaming LipsClouds Taste Metallic

Godspeed You Black Emperor!lift yr skinny fists like antennas to heaven
It should be "antennae", really. They're French.

Guided By VoicesUnder the Bushes, Under the Stars
K— recently defended Mag Earwhig! to me by saying that this album is sonically akin to that one, and that this one really represents the first album in the next phase of GBV. Not sure how I feel about that. Perhaps I'll listen to Mag next week. I've actually been considering putting it on the block.

Buddy HollyThe Crickets 20 Golden Greats
This is the one with the cover photo of a brick wall with the graffito reading "BUDDY HOLLY LIVES". Basically all you need. Totally unstoppable.

Elvis PresleyElvis' Worldwide 50 Gold Award Hits, Vol. 1
I challenge anyone who says Elvis's greatness began and ended in '56 to listen to this and try to resist "Little Sister", "Kissin' Cousins" and "If I Can Dream". And like a dozen others. Elvis rules.

Primal ScreamVanishing Point
One of the weird things about being a fan of both vinyl and experimental electronic music is that sometimes I don't know the correct speed for certain 12" singles. And I have so many that aren't marked either way. I actually own a couple of records which I honestly cannot figure out whether they are supposed to be played at 33 or 45 rpm. This album is clearly labeled as a 33 rpm pressing. It's right there on the record label. And it's a 45. Fuck you guys.

Prince and the RevolutionAround the World In a Day
A lot of people don't realise that there's actually a Prince song called "Paisley Park". It's not just his label/studio name. These people also, for obvious reasons, don't realise that it's a seriously awesome song. Their loss.

Linda RonstadtGreatest Hits
Her vocal performance on "Different Drum" is so sexy it hurts. Have you seen photos of her in the 70s? So hott. Think about this: at one point Jerry Brown was the governer of California and he was banging Linda Ronstadt. Simultaneously. What have you achieved in your life?

Spacemen 3The Perfect Prescription

SpiritualizedLazer Guided Melodies
Off topic, but I just scored a copy of Pure Phase and I'm thrilled. Actually, I got an email alert saying somebody had posted a copy on GEMM and I ordered it right away, but a few more have come up since, so I think it may have just been reissued. About time.

Van Halen II
Not a great album overall, but it has "Dance the Night Away" on it, so the whole thing's worth it.

The WhoLive At Leeds

Neil YoungOn the Beach


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