Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Spectrum - Songs For Owsley EP

Spectrum, people! Tonight at Brenda's! (q.v. previous post) So today I'll post some actual Spectrum tracks.

1997's Forever Alien was the last album on which Kember used the name Spectrum, at least until the new one (scroll down) comes out this fall. Alien is essentially 77 minutes of unadulterated Moog fetishism, which is great if you're in the right mood for it. Also, Pete Bassman from Spacemen 3 is in the band for this one, credited, as always, with "vibrations".

The album was preceded by the Songs for Owsley EP, a teaser of sorts that nominally contained five tracks from the album. (One of which, "Feels Like I'm Slipping Away", inexplicably appears at the end of side one and the start of side two. Identical versions.) I say nominally because the two posted here differ so completely from their corresponding album versions that one wonders if each can even be considered the same song. (Admittedly, "song" is kind of a subjective term here.)

I have no idea what Kember's going to play tonight, but if it's two solid hours of this shit I will be pretty psyched. Pun. In. Tended.

Incidentally, I have absolutely no recollection of when or where I purchased this record. Which is kind of fitting, I guess.

Buy it... on vinyl.

From my deck to you: Spectrum - "Liquid Intentions" and "Sine Study #1"

NOTE: I'm pretty sure the CD is out of print, so no link for buying new, but I did try, and check this out; I'm certain it's not Kember doing all those weird muzak-y tribute albums, but who the fuck is it? Anybody know?

Also, believe it or not, the vinyl is still in print; that link above is to Birdman Records' online store; you have to scroll down to find Spectrum.

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