Friday, August 31, 2007

Experimental Audio Research - "Delta 6 (Hydroponic)"

So yeah, I went to the Spectrum show, it was two dudes playing drones on cheap portable synths, it ruled.

Kember's Experimental Audio Research (or E.A.R.) supergroup generated a bit of a buzz when it was first announced several years ago because of one of its members: reclusive icon Kevin Shields. Would this new band sound like some heretofore unimagined combination of Spacemen 3 and My Bloody Valentine? Dreamy guitars playing one chord for ten minutes? Whispery vocals harmonising with mystical bellowings?

Actually, no. E.A.R. sound like Spectrum. Exactly what Shields and the others contribute is unclear. This particular track is one side of a ten-inch EP which was also the first release by Frank Kozik's impeccably curated (and dearly missed) Man's Ruin label. As you can see, not much difference between this and most of Kember's output, other than a bit more guitar than Spectrum. Don't know who's playing it, but it's nice.

Shields isn't on this one, by the way. Kevin Martin is. And some other guys.

Buy it... on vinyl.

From my deck to you: Experimental Audio Research - "Delta 6 (Hydroponic)"

NOTE: Again, due to excessive track length, mp3 quality must be compromised slightly in order to get the file under the 10MB limit. If anyone knows of a better free online file storage place, I'm all ears, leave a link in the comments.

Also, as far as the purchase links go, I don't think this ever came out on CD, but all the tracks appear on the one linked above.

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