Saturday, September 1, 2007

Weekend video: Spacemen 3

So, as interesting and occasionally excellent as Kember's post-Spacemen work has been, it's pretty obvious that his early work was best. He clearly dominated the band, and they were glorious. Jason Pierce, by contrast, struggled to find a voice in those days, tentatively exploring the possibilities of gospel music's uplifting power, then fully realised that vision after the band split up. Not that I'm giving Kember total cerdit for the 3's glorious sound, mind you. I'm just saying he peaked earlier.

Speaking of peaking, drop a tab and watch this slice of awesomeness. I'm closing out Kember week with an incredible two-part video of "Suicide", a frequent closing number on Spacemen set lists. This is actually a relatively short version, clocking in at under 20 minutes, but that doesn't make it wny less incredible. Can you imagine experiencing this in person?

The second half should come up as a suggested "Related Videos" link in the Flash box after the first half finishes; if it doesn't, click here. Then, if you're still conscious, watch the whole thing again.

Well, September's here at last, which means school's in, suckers. Neil Young's on the Shelf for the next couple of months, at least until I run out of records. The semester starts Monday with Buffalo Springfield week. Grab a seat and take notes.

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theotherside1 said...

Hi, i agree with you that Sonics best work was his early stuff (Spacemen 3 , Spectrum)

I love Jasons Spiritualized stuff, and it just gets better & better.


PS. I have links to Spiritualized concerts (& loads more artists) you can listen to / view for free on my website.