Monday, March 31, 2008

Snakes/1-800-BAND split 7"

Picked up one single 7" in the whole haul of records in Frisco last week, which brought the total number of 7"s I've acquired in the past couple of months to five. So I'll post one a day this week.

I hardly ever buy singles. I tried to get into them in college, but other than picking up ones by bands for whom I had a completist urge, the habit never stuck. B—'s got a shitload of 'em, like stacks of boxes like, but he's more of a punker than I am. Punk's all about the 7".

So Spaghetti slipped me a copy of this split Snakes did with somebody called 1-800-BAND. Their side is pretty straight-up Snakes, dirty fuzz, inebriated guitar, Spaghetti's raspy vocals. Raw.

1-800-BAND is kind of an odd fit for this split, more poppy garage stuff. Killer organ sound. Cool song title. Little else. There are actually two songs on 1-800-BAND's side, but I'm only posting one. Can't have it all; go buy the single if you like it. Support these hardworking bands. Or just download it from the label's MySpace page. There's nothing exclusive going on here, I'm afraid.

No idea what circumstances brought these bands together; they must both know whoever runs the label.

Buy it... on vinyl.

From my deck to you: Snakes – "Fakeyed Heartscrew" and 1-800-BAND – "Tropical Meds"


Liz - 4 Ohm said...

Hey, I have a song from a new band I think you'll like. Is there an email where I can send you an mp3?

Bjorn Randolph said...

Feel free to post a link here and I'll give it a listen and tell all my friends about it if I like it. But keep in mind this blog is dedicated to posting tracks I taped off vinyl.

Anonymous said...

1-800-BAND RULES!!!!

Anonymous said...

There's no one named spagetti in the snakes. They're either from Phili or NYC and are older dudes. They were amazing live when i saw them, then they disappeared. that song is so good, but too slow.