Thursday, April 3, 2008

Northern Liberties – "Easter Island"

So Northern Liberties is this freaky band I saw a couple weeks ago at Circle of Hope when I went to see British Lit play. They were awesome. Both bands, actually, but NoLibs also had a 7" for sale so lucky you.

They were a three-piece consisting of a drummer, bassist and singer/percussionist. Sometimes the singer would scream and get in the crowd's faces, sometimes he would strap on one of those marching band tomtom thingies and just start pounding. Oh, and they brought their own smoke machine.

So yeah, they ruled, and if they're ever playing in your town make sure you go see 'em. They played a Nirvana cover, too ("Dive")! The only thing I'm on the fence about is their name. I think it only sounds cool if you're not from Philly. But that's most people, so I guess it's OK.

The single is a couple years old and consists of intense noise and yelling. Not too heavy on the extra percussion on either side, unfortunately, but intriguing nonetheless. I'm posting the b-side because it's the one that grabbed me more. And I'm posting only the b-side because if you like it you should go buy it. Mine's numbered four hundered something out of 500 so like, time's runnin' out. Get on that.

Buy it... on vinyl. (Scroll down.)

From my deck to you: Northern Liberties – "Chromosomatic"

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