Friday, August 8, 2008

Spacemen 3 – "Big City"

Spacemen 3 – Big City 12inWell, since I put up that Spiritualized cut a few days ago and I just picked up a Spacemen 3 12" in Scotland a couple weeks ago, I guess I may as well post that as well.

By the time they got around to recording 1991's Recurring, the Spacemen were as good as broken up already. Indeed, many who followed the band were surprised the album ever got made. While I've never heard it, it's reportedly a breakup album in every sense, and a Spacemen album in name only. Kember wrote side one, Pierce wrote side two, and they both seem to be warming up for their respective post-Spacemen careers. In fact, the only track on which both actually play is a Mudhoney cover.

"Big City", the lead single, is a Kember track that consists of little more than him messing around with a sequencer for ten minutes. It's pretty cool, and works as an incremental step on the way to his work as Spectrum, in which he would finally remove the rhythm entirely in favour of formless synth noises.

The b-side is a non-LP track by Pierce. He seems to be experimenting with a sound he would employ with Spiritualized when applied to actual songs. But here it's just some wordless vocal harmonies. So if you're about a minute and a half into it and wondering when it's going to start, it isn't. It's just that for the whole track, plus a little guitar solo towards the end. A true b-side if I've ever heard one.

Buy it... on vinyl.

From my deck to you: Spacemen 3 – "Big City (Everybody I Know Can Be Found Here)" and "Drive"

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