Monday, August 11, 2008

The Wedding Present – "Kennedy"

Wedding Present – Kennedy 7inI got a couple Wedding Present records recently, plus I got this 7" a while back, so what the hell, I'll do a week of 'em.

While quite popular in their native England in an underdog/cult faves kind of way (the weeklies called them the Weddoes), the Wedding Present never quite caught on in the States, even among indie/Britpop fans. "Kennedy" was the first song I ever heard by the band, having seen the video on 120 Minutes. I was intrigued, and watched a tape of the video over and over. It was all the guitar strumming at the end, definitely.

After wearing out a cassette copy of Bizarro in high school, I picked up this 7" of may favourite track many years later. Not sure why, but it was cheap and seemed like a cool thinkg to have. Plus, the few copies of Bizarro I've seen on vinyl were pretty expensive, even in the UK.

Bizarro, incidentally, was the first place I ever heard a song called "Box Elder". I later found out it was a cover.

Buy it... on vinyl.

From my deck to you: The Wedding Present – "Kennedy"

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jenks said...

here's a link to Pavement performing boxelder. I think the comments on the page back me up on this but the most interesting aspect of the video is Spiral's choice of footwear/socks.


either that or the drummer asking, "How does it start?" which we've all heard before...